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Spiritual Healer and Psychic since 1979

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I am now seeing clients again at my Brisbane office.


I can also offer you a Skype healing and/or reading; your Skype sessions are just as Effective as in person appointments.


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"Know that you are already a healer. Becoming a professional healer is just a matter of waking up your healing energies, learning how to manage those energies, then having the confidence to put that knowledge into practice. I will teach you how to master all three."


I will teach you methods of healing that I have developed over many years - both through my innate healing abilities and my learning to manage those healing energies from the great masters around the world.


Anyone can learn Energy Healing.

Everyone has healing energies inside them that can be unlocked.

I will unlock your healing energies and train you how to manage those energies when healing yourself and others.


This is a 12 day training Course.


In this 12 day Practitioner Training course you will receive a profound and life-changing initiation into Energy Healing.


The Practitioner Training and Practice course was developed by Alex Telman, a modern pioneer in the field of Energetic Healing and a practitioner of more than 40 years experience.


My Practitioner Training course covers a range of areas:

1. Activities to keep your energies high

2. The Energy Healing System

3. Energy Healing methods (both hands on and hands off)

4. One Workshop you can conduct

5. Learn to conduct a Meditation group.

6. Dream Interpretation

7. How to Develop and Grow your Practice

8. How to Deal with Clients (from the start to the end of a Session)

9. Activities you can teach clients to overcome negative beliefs

10. Practices you can teach your clients to achieve inner peace.


I will also release your healing energies and teach you how to manage them.


In total the graduate will learn a complete package of healing and self-healing methods, and the entire course is taught on a one-on-one basis with all notes, sripts and material provided.

This is an intensive and fun course allowing you to open your own healing practice. Tuition is during school hours (10am - 2pm) as many students have family/child responsibilities..


Pricing and Training Details

Although this is a 1 - 1 training course, a number of people have requested they do the course with either their partner or a person they intend going into business with. If 2 of you would like to do the course simultaneously, please let me know. I offer a 50% discount to the second person.


I take a limited number of students per year, so please book soon.


PERSONAL 12 DAYS OF TRAINING, Monday to Saturday x 2: Fee = $10,000 AUD


Past Students - examples.

John is a high school teacher. He finishes work and is home by 5pm. He sees 1 client per evening Monday to Thursday and 2 clients on a Saturday. He sees approximately 6 clients per week and charges $150 for a 90 minute healing session. He therefore makes $900 per week on top of his teacher's salry: between $40 and $50,000 extra every year.


Joanne works full time as a healer and psychic reader. She charges $150 for a reading or a healing session and $250 for a combined session. She averages 8 single session clients and 2 combined session clients per week. She therefore averages $1,800 per week and works 40 weeks per years. Her income is approximately $72,000 per year.


Philip and Anita work full time as professional healers. Theor combined income is approximately $110,000 per annum. In addition they hold weekly group meditation classes.


Natasha is a professional healer and holds monthlu Connecting to Spirit workshops. Her workshop income (20 participants at $40 each) is approximately $800 per month and her healing income is 'over $80,000' per annum.


Lisa is a part time healer who sees 8 clients per week at $200 per client. On top of her job, she earns about $75,000 extra per annum from her practice. She is seriously considering going full time.


Please note: The figures quoted above are indicative only.