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I travel to Melbourne every mid-February and mid-November. When in Melbourne I usually stay in South Yarra:



I travel to Sydney every mid-February and mid-November; the week after Melbourne. When in Sydney I usually stay at Darling Harbour:



I travel to Byron Bay on a monthly basis and Readings can be either at your home or at my hotel.:



Please book now so you don't miss out as bookings are limited.

I offer you 2 services when I come to your city.:

1) My extended Psychic Life Readings and

2) a Private Half Day consultation with me.


Book now. I look forward to meeting you soon.



"My life was a mess until I had a reading with you. The changes in my life have been amazing. Your insights and advice is so specific and doable... thank you." -- Gillian, Sydney

"My friends and I came for a holiday to Brisbane and thought we'd have Readings with you, 'just for fun.' Well! You turned our holiday into an incredible journey of self exploration... Blessings to you." -- Jenny, Helen, Sue and Fiona. Cairns.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Alex. At first I thought you were going to tell me my future (like how many children I will have), but what you showed me instead was the future I can make for myself. You are so spot on. I now know exactly what I have to do to achieve my life goals and make my life worthwhile and happy." -- Tina, Melbourne

"Alex is an honest, loving and highly spiritual soul and has the amazing ability to heal as he connects with you. He is one of the most amazing readers I've had read for me." -- Shareena, Brisbane

"Alex got right to the heart of my issues. Amazing. He read my past lives and their impact on my current life with incredib;e accuracy... Then Alex gave me the tools to get back onto my life path... tuened my life around." -- Pamela, Sydney

Life changing? More like life saving! -- Ida, Sydney

This goes beyond the typical personal growth and self-empowerment courses and books I have read. It is REAL and it is PRACTICAL and it WORKS! -- Marie, Sydney

(This) has been a life changing experience for me... -- Anon by request, Canberra

This has been one of the most valued experiences of my life. --Lesley, Sydney

I now see myself as so much more valuable, more focused, less distracted, and more self-motivated. -- Sophie, Melbourne

Highly effective, definately long lasting. You totally delivered on your promises. -- Bella, Melbourne

I say to anyone considering doing this session... You will reclaim your inner strength. -- John, Canberra

I found the half day consult to be a major step in my transformational journey... -- Cathy, Brisbane

I learned that I really can change, which I never truly believed. -- Jess, Brisbane

I am free to discover me!! -- Paul, Sydney

You have touched my very Soul. I am so different now. And everybody- at home and at work- has noticed. -- Kevin, Melbourne

I find I attract so many good things after this session. My work life and family life are amazing now. -- Emma, Brisbane

With practice the activities Alex gives you, you will change your life- they did mine. -- Rosie, Brisbane

I came away more in love with myself and with the possibilities of life! You will change! -- Alice, Adelaide

When you start seeing with new eyes, it’s quite extraordinary what is now made visible. -- Anne, Sunshine Coast

I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. -- Denny, Sydney

I wake in the morning with a new energy. An energy that has no doubt that I can handle anything that comes my way. Empowered with new energy, the clearing that has been created is bringing great and wonderful opportunities into my life faster than I had imagined possible.-- Sue, Melbourne

The Breakthrough was like a booster cable giving me a jump start to get on with my life. -- Trish, Sydney

You have given me the best gift I can ever receive … my life! -- Anne, Brisbane

I found me! I found me! -- Gary, Gold Coast

The session has produced a radical and sustained change in my life. Thank you... -- Christine, Brisbane

This is powerful work. Thank you for changing my life. -- Bill, Melbourne

I can't believe just how much more effective I am in my life; how happy I am. -- Louise, Gold Coast

I now deliver results consistently. I feel so much more clear, happy, confident and centered. -- Erica, Melbourne

So simple... so powerful... So workable -- Natalie, Sydney

When I wake up these days, I think, this is how it feels to wake up feeling 'whole', it feels good to be alive, for the first time, I understood why I have never felt this way. -- Lindsay, Brisbane

After retirement I didn't know what to do with myself... I was convinced my life was over. This session has opened me up to the possibility of a full life for the next 30 years. Amazing. -- Robert, Melbourne

... totally exceeded my expectations. -- Domonique, Melbourne

I would like to thank you for a life changing experience. You taught me to access within myself and everyone has noticed... Amazng... -- Emma, Sydney

I started getting back to doing what I need to do instead of crying all the time and feeling sorry for myself. I no longer feel in a dangerous place! -- Jennifer, Melbourne

What an amazing journey I have been on since our session. I don’t even know where to start... -- Krystal, Brisbane

I know it’s only been a week but it’s been an amazing week... After our session, I had such a burst of energy. I am actually doing what I really want to do and I can’t remember the last time I did that.... -- James, Sydney

I had spent years under intense stress and incredible self torture... No more! -- Robert, Melbourne

My relationship (which I believe you saved) and my work are no longer just bearable... I am now having the time of my life. Bless you. -- Kate, Sydney

At 72 no-one is too old for this. I feel like I am starting my life anew. -- Peter, Gold Coast

What an eye-opener. I can't believe how strong and confident I am these days... and no-one else around me can believe it either. -- Jim, Sunshine Coast

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After my half day session with you, I am feeling very healthy, and confident, but most of all, my outlook on life is shinier! --Glenda, Melbourne

Who would have thought this was possible? -- Tony, Melbourne