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To design a life that works, you need a system that works - and one that is proven to work. Your Winning Formula is just that.


Your Winning Formula will give you the tools you need to retrain your mind and overcome any limitations or challenges - and seize the life you deserve now! Alex's straightforward personal development system will teach you how to consistently motivate yourself to instantly and permanently raise your energies and achieve a peak state of mind in every area of your life.



Your Winning Formula

My Clients: At the outset, let me make one thing very clear; my clients are generally successful, seemingly well-adjusted people from all walks of life. But they do have one thing in common: they all feel that they are under-performing, that somehow no matter how successful they are, their lives are not working the way they wish.
The key to your Winning Formula is that I will show you exactly how to make your life work the way you want it to work. Your Winning Formula is simple, practical and, most importantly, it works!

Whether it be in your relationships, in your workplace, or in your own mind, it works! All your negative self-talk and your negative behaviours will go into the background (no one can make memories disappear), and into the foreground will emerge a loving, confident, productive and satisfied you.

Negative self-image / self-talk
 is the epidemic of our time, and your negative self-image has a negative impact on the overall quality of your life.

Possible Examples: Your self-talk may include “I’m not good enough.” “I am stupid.” “I can’t succeed.” ” I’m not important.” “I’m alone.” “I’m weak.” “l am useless.” “I always get it wrong.” “I could never do that.” or “The world would be better of without me.”

Possible Outcomes: You may feel  Withdrawn, Insecure, Underachieving, Angry, Unmotivated, Unhappy, Procrastination, or Lack self-confidence.

Your negative self-image is an attitude you hold that you persistently use to respond to life- it therefore has a profound impact on your behaviour. But more than that, it is something that, at least internally, you constantly complain about, question whether it is a positive thing for you, and at times wish it wasn’t there. Still. you seem to automatically and predictably think and act this way. Basically, your negative self-image runs, yes and at times ruins, your life.

Your negative self-image does not allow your life to work the way you want it to: You may carry a judgmental attitude toward others, procrastinate or act in a passive-aggressive manner, or go through life playing out a “poor me” victim role. The  universal costs to having a negative self-image impact dramatically in at least four areas of your life: 1. Love and Relationships, 2. Health and Vitality, 3. Satisfaction and Fulfilment, and 4. Self-expression.
If you are unsatisfied by these negative behaviours and attitudes, yet continue to do them, then you need to discover your Winning Formula.

What is Your Winning Formula?

I will show you a formula that will allow your life to work the way you want it to work. Yes, it will involve you ‘doing’ stuff – after all, you need to re-train your mind; but your Winning Formula is simple, practical and, of course, it works!

I said practical and I mean it! It is not airy-fairy, not religious, nor even spiritual, though many clients do experience ‘spiritual’ growth. And all clients experience a dramatic rise in their energy level and ability to perform effectively in their lives.

Why is a rise in energy level important?

Your Winning Formula will raise your energies. Why is important? If your energies are, for example, at 30%, you attract people and experiences at that level. A negative self-images will keep your energies low. At this low level you cannot be as efficient, productive or happy as you want to be. If, however, your energy is at 80%, you attract a different type of experience and different type of people into your life. At this higher level you become far more confident, productive and satisfied with your life; in fact, your life begins to work for you.

When practicing your Winning Formula you don’t see yourself so much in the world, you see the world in you! You realise that there are no walls between you and the world except the ones you built yourself. By practicing your Winning Formula these walls disappear and you experience a life that truly works for you, rather than you constantly working to ‘keep it all together.’

Are you ready to discover your Winning Formula?