“Alex brings many years of professional credibility to his work, providing clients with tremendous value! Clients receive more than they expected in the way of depth and content – Every client receives special care and attention.” – Int Nat Healers Assoc


Personal Development Training with Alex Telman



Personal Development Course in Brisbane



After your session with me you will:

1. Experience a dramatic increase in your self-confidence,

2. Experience a dramatic reduction in your negative self-talk, and

3. Experience an increase in energy, personal power and productivity you didn’t thnk possible!

In addition you will fully understand who you are, why you do and think the way you do, what you should be doing and how to achieve that.

Your session with me is a life changing experience designed to bring about positive, permanent changes in the quality of your life. You will experience a new and unique kind of freedom, effectiveness, and power in those areas of life that are most important to you- no matter what the circumstance.

This session is NOT theoretical or airy-fairy; it will be practical and powerful. I will give you life-long lasting strategies tailor made for you to gain self-condifence, power and control over your life; this consultation is all about personal understanding and personal transformation; yours!

I have been doing this work for 35 years; turning people’s lives around… dramatically!

From the moment you leave your session with me, you will begin to apply what you have learnt naturally and without effort.

During your session I will outline:

1. Past lives: I will outline your past life progression; this will explain a lot about who you are now: the way you think and why you do the things you do.

2. Unique gifts: I will explain the gifts you bring into in this lifetime: these gifts were formed in your past lives, and to be truly happy you must use these gifts in this lifetime. Most people either do not know what their gifts are or they deny them and do not use them.

3. Your specific needs: I will explain your specific needs in this lifetime and how best to achieve them.

4. Your Winning Formula: When we overlay your unique gifts (based on your past life experiences) with your specific needs in this lifetime, I can construct what I call your Winning Formula. When you make decisions based on your unique winning formula your energy is high, you achieve more than you thought possible and this leads to you being happy, successful and so on. We can focus on your career, relationships, passions or other areas of your life.

“By using your unique winning formulae you pretty much can’t go wrong. I am living proof of that…” — Marie, Sydney

5. Karma: I will outline your Good Karma and your Bad Karma, and how best to overcome the latter (family, home, children, partners, health, finance, travel etc).

6. Dangers: I will tell you the dangers you face in this lifetime, and how best to avoid them.

7. Energies: I will show you how best to raise your energies and how to keep them high.


Negative Self Talk!

I will show you startegies how to overcome and minimise your negative self talk.

I will also teach you a technique I have developed that will help you push your negative self-talk into the background. This is a special technique that will help you at home, at work and of course inside your own mind.


During your session I will reinforce the principles of your consultation by conducting what I call “meditation healing.” All you have to do is sit there while I speak and I will begin to clear your energies to reinforce what you have learnt during our time together. You will feel lighter, more focussed and more powerful!

The Healing part of your session will restore clarity and harmony to your life. I will eliminate your negative energies and raise your powerful positive energies.

Healing is a unique method for ‘unblocking’ and releasing repressed pain; negative learned behaviour and self-limiting decisions that started as early as one’s childhood.

Each negative life incident continues to gain momentum if it remains unresolved or ignored within us. Unless one deals with it, it will only reappear and manifest itself in new and unloving experiences of one’s life. Such unresolved and deep trauma will determine the quality of your life.

Healing as applied by me will help you to initiate a transformation in which you will align your life with more positive and productive thoughts, thus creating a healthier and happier you.






The most powerful technique for permanently maintaining a high level of energy in your everyday life is one I developed many years ago. This is a technique I will teach you and you will practice during the day and it will shift your relationships at home, at work and in yourself.

People who practice this technique and make it a part of their daily life have reported dramatic increases in their confidence, happiness and personal productivity, promotions at work, new jobs, and improved relationships with their partner, children and family,

I will teach you this technique and we will practice it in my office.


I will teach you to meditate.

Many of my clients have tried meditation but have been frustrated by their inability to do so.

I will teach you two methods that work. After we have practiced these methods we will meditate together and you will surprise the difference it can make to your life.


Most clients who come to see me want to either write a book, or pursue some other passion or business idea. Most people don’t start because they believe their ideas are ‘too hard’ or ‘will take too long.”

I will show you exactly how to achieve your passion in a way that will suit your personality / energies.

Yes. You will be able to do it.


I will balance your energies and you will ‘float’ out of my office.


I will answer any additional questions you may have.


Remember: No one leaves my office with question marks hanging over their head.


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