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Thank you so much for offering your meditation and healing service… I have been meditating with you for over 10 years now and feel the energies very strongly… I have felt my negativity released and I always look forward to my day now, like never before.  – Adam





You are beautiful people… I am a student and much more positive now that I ever was before. Thank you… – Hong






I can’t believe how clear and light I feel. It’s as though a blanket had been covering my brain and you have removed it. Love and light from LA… – Scott and Gillian






Through group meditation I am the power of collective energies… I am so much more focussed and clear and I have so much more energy in my life… I love the support and loving kindness and a sense of connection to self and to others… – Belinda






I LOVE this quiet yet powerful community of people… The meditation and healing group has very quickly become a huge part of my life and I sit quietly for at least 5 sessions a week. My life is very busy and I get quite stressed, and meditation has helped to guide me and focus me for the day. Bless all who participate and thank you so much. – Katie





(You have) brought meditation into my life and gave me a very special tool so I could cope with everyday living, for that I will be eternally grateful… I truly feel the energies of everyone around the globe (and) I have far more tolerance for all people, as well as love for myself. – Rick





I have been living with much pain for many years and since joining the meditation group I am coping better with the pain. I am less tension in both my body and my mind and I am more relaxed and satisfied. I have less medication now and less pain… thank you… Amanda





I have practiced both meditation and Reiki healing for a number of years and it is very clear to me that (Psychic Energies) is the most efficient and powerful combination of both. Meditation = Healing and the energies of this group are so powerful. I love it and recommend you to all my clients… (this is) a profound healing and learning experience! -- Elle





Meditation does work! At first it was a little frustrating but after a week I worked out my favourite position and my state of mind calmed down. Now after a year it is so great I always start my day and finish my day with it. If you are new be patient and be calm. It will definately work for you. (This) is the best meditation group… – Nida





I am a meditation teacher and a healing practitioner and this is the most powerful meditation group I have joined… I recommend all my clients and organize my own meditation group around your timetable. You guys have made a huge difference to so many people… – Matt





I just joined your Group and this is the first time I have tried meditation and I love it so much. Every day is so busy and every day global meditation prepares me for the day. Thank you. – Jackie





Eight years ago your group was my first introduction to meditation and I love it more and more. Meditation is the absolute best for healing my mind and stress levels. Group meditation, just knowing there are thousands of others with me, has given me the ability to cope with life’s everyday stresses (and of course I sleep much better)… I would definately recommend the Psychic Energies group to beginning and regular mediation practitioners. – Keith




I love Global Meditation and Healing and it definitely works for me. Not only do I immediately relax, but the effect lasts for days. The only side effects are that I am so much more relaxed and think so much more clearly. – Bill






Taking a break out of a stressful day can truly save you from spiraling. It is important to remember that when you’re focusing on one negative aspect of your life it turns to worrying, obsessing, and guilt. It can turn into a never ending cycle that is so hard to come out of. The beauty of Global meditation is that the energies of so many people completely clears your mind and energises your mind and body. – Jimmy




Global meditation and healing is extremely helpful, but has to be consistent practice to be effective. I find it doesn’t matter if you meditate once a week or ten times a week as long as you do it consistently. The effect can last for days… – Tess




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