Brisbane Psychic Readings by Alex Telman are the most Accurate


“Alex brings many years of professional credibility to his work, providing clients with tremendous value! Clients receive more than they expected in the way of depth and content – Every client receives special care and attention.” – Int Nat Healers Assoc

My Readings are what are known as ‘traditional’ Psychic Readings- the type of Readings leaders have sought from their Psychic over the millenia. I will point you in the right direction when you are at a cross-road.

Your comprehensive Reading (now EXTENDED to 90 minutes – 2 hours) will enable you to make clear sense of where you come from, who you are, where your life is heading, and how you can make the best of your talents and abilities to live the life you were destined for.

Psychic Life Readings in Brisbane

Do you ever wonder why you are in a rut… and how to get out of it?

Let me explain why and offer you the solutions. My Psychic Readings are the most comprehensive Readings you will find. I say that with absolute confidence.

Topics Covered in Your Psychic Reading

1. Past lives and how they influence you in this lifetime
2. Special gifts you have in this lifetime that you must use to be truly happy
3. Your needs in this specific lifetime and how best to achieve them
4. Direction: what you should be doing and how to achieve it
5. Partners: What sort of person you should be with and how to find them
6. Children: How best to bring them up and relate to them in the context of your Reading
7. Dangers you face in this lifetime and how best to avoid them
8. Karma: your Good Karma and your Bad Karma and how best to overcome it (family, home, partners, health, finance, travel etc)
9. How to become the best and the real you
10. Other areas you wish me to focus on based on your Reading

Once you have booked your Reading, please text or email me your:

– full name
– place and date of birth
– mother’s first name

I need this information to connect to your energies.

Before you arrive for your Reading I will have spend about 30 minutes connecting to your energies and preparing your Reading. When you arrive, your Reading will last 1½ – 2 hours. By the time you leave your Session, all your questions should be answered.

So in total I will have spent approximately 2½ hours on your Reading.

WHAT I DO: I connect to your past lives and I will explain to you your ‘winning formula’ – the gifts you bring into this lifetime. I will also explain to you the dangers you must watch out for in this lifetime. I will then explain what you ‘should’ be doing this lifetime – your ‘life plan’ – and I will explain exactly how you can achieve this. I will then outline for you the karma you bring into this lifetime (finance, home, partner, relationships, health and so on). I can focus on any area you wish me to.

Please read before booking:

What your Reading will NOT cover:

– Lottery numbers
– the name of your next partner
– how many children you will have

For example, I will tell you the direction your children should take- no one can tell you exactly what they will do for a living (they do have choices) or the name of their future spouse..

My Readings are about your life path, how you strayed, and how best to get back on track. My Readings have been described as a “cross between a reading, life coaching and release therapy.”

Please read about my Readings before booking.
My Readings are not ‘new age’ or ‘airy fairy’ – they are real and very practical.

Please do not ring me just to ask the price or how long the Sessions are; all that information is here.

And if you are going to ask me about other people during your Reading, please let me know in advance so I can prepare by connecting to their energies.

I don’t predict the future,
but I WILL help you make it happen!

I am very busy, please do not book a Reading
unless you are ready to see positive changes in your life.

Book now. I look forward to meeting you soon.



“My life was a mess until I had a reading with you. The changes in my life have been amazing. Your insights and advice is so specific and doable… thank you.” — Gillian, Sydney

“Thank you so much, Alex for an eye-opening session today. So many items you discussed from my past lives… made sense on how I behave and interact with others in this lifetime. Now, off to find out about (your business suggestion)! Warm regards…” – Sue, Brisbane

“My friends and I came for a holiday to Brisbane and thought we’d have Readings with you, ‘just for fun.’ Well! You turned our holiday into an incredible journey of self exploration… Blessings to you.” — Jenny, Helen, Sue and Fiona. Cairns.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Alex. At first I thought you were going to tell me my future (like how many children I will have), but what you showed me instead was the future I can make for myself. You are so spot on. I now know exactly what I have to do to achieve my life goals and make my life worthwhile and happy.” — Tina, Melbourne

“Alex is an honest, loving and highly spiritual soul and has the amazing ability to heal as he connects with you. He is one of the most amazing readers I’ve had read for me.” — Shareena, Brisbane

“Alex got right to the heart of my issues. Amazing. He read my past lives and their impact on my current life with incredib;e accuracy… Then Alex gave me the tools to get back onto my life path… tuened my life around.” — Pamela, Sydney

Brisbane Psychic Readings by Alex Telman: Most accurate psychic readings. Brisbane Psychic Readings by Alex Telman are the most accurate. Brisbane Psychic Readings.