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There are three levels to joining the meditation and healing sessions.

Free Membership: Sign up for a free membership and become what we call a transmitter. When you partake in a meditation and healing session your energies will be released and cleansed in your body. As your energies release they will not only cleanse you, but they will also combine with others’ energies and powerfully energise the network. As a free member you will transmit, or send out, the energies which are blocking you.


Monthly and Annual Membership: As a Monthly or Annual paying member you not only send out energies (which will cleanse your energies) but you will also accept purified energies from the Global group; this will energise you on a powerful level. You will be what we call a transceiver: you both transmit and receive energies.


The Golden Circle: As a member of the Golden Circle you will be what we call a conduit; a channel through which energy is conveyed from and to many people in the group. Members of the Golden Circle are located throughout the world to create a pipeline for the energies released by thousands of people daily and create a pivotal means of access by people to those energies. These people have been described as “the rivers through which the waters of energy flow,” and being a member of the Golden Circle has often been described to be “profoundly life changing.”


Level Price  
Free Membership Free Select
Monthly Membership $20.00 per Month. Select
Annual Membership $200.00 per Year. Select
The Golden Circle $100.00 per Month. Select