Meditation and healing is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.


Meditation, what is it?

Meditation is a simple, natural mental practice which promotes relaxation, releases stress, and promotes energy. Released of stress, anxiety and tiredness, the mind spontaneously experiences its innate positive attributes such as acceptance, patience, love, generosity, forgiveness and empathy. Meditation is good for health also, as stress is well understood to be the trigger of ill health, both physical and mental.

“We cannot directly force or demand the peace of mind but we can prepare the mind to become still.”

Join us and be a part of this global initiative.

Why a global collective meditation?

The goal of the Global Meditation and Healing is to synchronize the energies of meditators around the globe. The more meditators, the more powerful are our collective and individual healing energies.

By joining in our regular meditations you will help accelerate the healing and spiritual awakening of every participant.

The world cannot be peaceful if those within it are not peaceful. Outer peace and harmony depends on inner peace and harmony.

Gandhi said “Be the change” you wish to see in society. This can best be achieved through meditation. We, therefore, invite you to join us for what will be potentially the largest group meditation ever experienced in the world.

Why is 15 minutes so important?

Simply put, the more people who meditate together the stronger the harmonizing effect is for both the individuals and the wider society.

This works through ‘Global Consciousness’. This phenomenon was well understood in ancient times and is much researched today. The more people who come together to meditate at the same time, the stronger the benefits are, not only for that group of individuals but for society generally as the beneficial effects ripple out into wider consciousness.

Imagine the ripple of peace from each of us building into a huge wave of peace that makes a difference in the world! The harmonious ripple effect on the wider consciousness will be immensely powerful.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in participating, please join us now. We look forward to meditating with you.

What are the goals of Global Meditation and Healing?

1 ) To assist people around the world to bring healing and fulfilment to themselves, their families, humanity and the Earth itself.

2 ) To inspire people to recognize their inner power to create amazing things in their life and to celebrate their strength, beauty, and the amazing gift that life is.

3 ) To be a resource for practical tools, programs and information that assists people in moving through limiting patterns – the mental and emotional ruts we get stuck in – and instead move towards their soul’s purpose and heart’s longing.




Global Meditation and Healing is a living meditation and healing experience with people all over the world that are meditating at the same time as you.

Our meditation focus is a weekly attunement that becomes a spiritual portal for connecting and sending powerful psychic energies to all in the community and beyond. You will be able to experience the healing and spiritual power of this energy through the synergy of the combined efforts of all meditators.


Alex Telman

Alex Telman, founder


My name is Alex Telman and I have been healing people most of my life.

Global Meditation and Healing grew out my Psychic Energies practice which was formed in 1979 as a means of eliminating people’s negative energies and replacing these with powerful, positive energies; allowing people to experience a dramatic increase in self-confidence, a dramatic reduction in negative self-talk, and an increase in energy, personal power and productivity they didn’t thnk possible!

Members of Global Meditation and Healing include natural health practitioners, spiritual healers, celebrities, business leaders, politicians, professionals, educators, and countless other intriguing people. Equally important are the ‘ordinary’ people; each living out their rich and meaningful lives.

People always say they receive more than they expected through the meditation and healing process, and every participant receives special care and attention.

“I have 3 wishes for you:

  • I wish that you embrace a profound shift to a higher level of healing & empowerment
  • I wish that you release outworn habits and behavior patterns
  • I wish that you access more of your inner self and your connection to the Universe.

Please join us community and enjoy the experience.

In Love and Unity,

Alex Telman

Founder Psychic Energies, Global Meditation and Healing