Change your Life in Half a Day


One of my most sought after sessions is the Total Life Planning Session.

This comprehensive 3 – 3½ hour session (now split into 2 separate sessions with homework to ensure you begin your journey) will enable you to make clear sense of who you are, where your life is heading, and how you can make the best of your talents and abilities to live the life you were destined for.

By popular request: Please note that your Life Planning Session is now in 2 parts:
(session 1 = 2 hours ……. session 2 = 1 – 1½ hours).

Your Total Life Planning Session includes a comprehensive:

Complete Life Reading – to determine your Life Plan for this lifetime.

Full Energy and Spiritual Healing – to clear you of your negative energies.

Life Plan – Discover the passions and interests you were destined for in this lifetime, and how to successfully achieve these.

Areas to be canvassed include past life karma that you are dealing with today, early childhood memories that are holding you back, negative energies you have picked up from people and places that are blocking you now, the Life Plan you negotiated before you were born into this lifetime and where you have got off track, and very specific tools and advice to enable you to make strong and sound decisions to move your life to a more positive and abundant place.

I work very differently to most other psychics and spiritual healers.

My work reaches far beyond the scope of a conventional psychic readings and spiritual healing; I am most interested in you succeeding in this lifetime. My work with you will be, therefore, results based. I want to see you discover and put into practice those passions and interests you were destined to achieve in this lifetime. By doing so, you and I will ensure that your karma is healed and, most importantly, you are happy.

Exploring you – your values, needs and where you find satisfaction in life
Explore your dreams – brainstorm everything you want to do in all areas of your life
The choices that define your life – focus on your most important dreams
Creating powerful goals – set goals to achieve the inspiring visions of the future you dream of
Organizing for success – plan how to make the achievement of your goals part of your everyday l

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Change your Life in Half a Day.

Life Planning with Alex Telman


“Healing? Life Plan I negotiated before birth? Karma? I honestly had my doubts. But not any more. UN-BELIEVABLE. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
— Mick, Melbourne

“Four years ago my life was boring and I was in a rut. Now I am a member of my local Council. Alex promised me results and, man, has he delivered. I never could have imagined this was possible.” — (name withheld by request), Brisbane

“My life was in a rut. I am educated and quite successful in my profession. But I wanted something more. I have a lot of responsibilities in my life and sometimes I got overwhelmed… After working with Alex I have learned to identify my true passions, and I have learnt how to best achieve them. I used to stress and my life was in a rut. No more.” — Sally, Melbourne

“I run a good sized business, but always thought that success, happiness, and fulfillment were meant for other people and not me… You have given me a totally new perspective on my life Alex. Thank you.” — Bill, Sydney

“When I first came to see you I already had a successful acting career, but felt empty inside… I now have the success I dreamt about and inner peace and contentment. You have made my life worthwhile.”
— (name withheld by request), Los Angeles

“Bless you, Alex. When I saw you 2 years ago I was unemployed. Now I run my own business and can afford those things I only dreamt off before…”
— Alice, Brisbane

“All my life people said I couldn’t. You have shown me I can. And I have!”
— Jennifer, Brisbane


Change your Life in Half a Day. Life Planning with Alex Telman