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Brisbane Spiritual and Energy Healing.


I Will Eliminate Your Negative Energies



Is this you?

A Spiritual and Energy Healing Session in my Brisbane office will restore clarity and harmony to your life.

You need to book a Spiritual and Energy Healing session if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

Low energy level

Character shifts or mood swings

Hearing Constant Negative Inner voice(s)

Abuse of drugs (including alcohol)

Impulsive and Compulsive behavior

Memory problems

Poor concentration

Sudden onset of anxiety or depression

Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause

New phobias or aversions

New allergies

New food cravings or taste preferences

New attitudes or prejudices

In addition, if you feel you are suffering as a result of a Spirit Attachment, please
book your Healing Sessions now.

HEALING is a unique method for ‘unblocking’ and releasing repressed pain; negative learned behaviour and self-limiting decisions that started as early as one’s childhood.

Each negative life incident continues to gain momentum if it remains unresolved or ignored within us. Unless one deals with it, it will only reappear and manifest itself in new and unloving experiences of one’s life. Such unresolved and deep trauma will determine the quality of your life.

Spiritual and Energy healing as applied by me will help you to initiate a transformation in which you will align your life with more positive and productive thoughts, thus creating a healthier and happier you.

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a clock watcher. You will remain until your energies are cleared, though with an Energy and Spiritual Healing I do recommend a second Session to Balance your energies. In the more extreme situations, a Healing may be conducted over two Sessions.






Eliminate Your Negative Energies:

Do not be concerned if you do not know exactly what your healing needs are. I will know. “No one leaves my office without being cleared of their negative energies!”

What happens at a “typical” Healing Session?


Example of a Spirit Release


Please note: Due to certain complexities, there are special fees for the following services:

Curse Removal

Exorcism Healing

Alien Release



“I had been to 4 other healers before you and you are the only one that worked.” –Peter, Byron Bay

“When I first contacted you I had no idea what was wrong with me or which healing to have. You told me that was your job to sort out and I laughed. You knew exactly what to do and it worked. Brilliant; I am over my rut now and have a constant smile on my face. Thank you…” — Natasha, Brisbane

“Thank you so much for offering this healing service… and all my negativity released. I look forward to my future now, like never before.”
— Patricia, Brisbane

“I can’t believe how clear and light I feel. It’s as though a blanket had been covering my brain and you have removed it.” — Gillian, Melbourne.

“Alex, you have helped my parents, my sister and me… I would like to have to thank you once again for your devotion to my family and the help you nhave given us… I will recommend you to everyone…” — Sonja, Sydney

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