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Alex Telman Exorcism Healing

Exorcism Healing is the process of separating demonic energies from objects or places, or from the human hosts whom they have inhabited.


Exorcism Is A Powerful Healing Technique

Exorcism Healing solves problems. Entity intrusion in all its forms - from full-blown demonic possession to obsession, entity attachment, impositions, infections and infestations, etc. - tends to produce and/or support numerous diseases and dysfunctions.

The clients' free will choice to undergo exorcism healing is essential to the success of the release. It is important to realize that the client may have dysfunctions of his or her own - including angers, fears, tendencies toward unacceptable behavior, etc., - that are not primarily due to the influence of the attaching demonic entity. These may be addressed with healing techniques other than exorcism - see for example Spirit Crossover


Exorcism Healing is a powerful method employed when dealing with a paranormal emergency or crisis such as a psychic attack or interference. Such phenomena may be in the form of black magic, a haunting from a malevolent spirit entity, and spirit or demonic possession. Symptoms of the above types of psychic interference are usually extreme, excessive and beyond 'normal' occurrence and explanation.

They include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Constant nightmares and disturbed sleep.
* Extreme fluctuations in body temperature; nights sweats feeling chills.
* Presence of foul odours
* Extreme emotional instability; depression to outbursts of anger and violence
* Extreme tiredness and constant 'draining' feeling
* Feeling of suffocation and pressing weight on chest
* Throbbing pain on solar plexus
* Hearing voices
* Aversion to anything sacred, spiritual and holy


Other symptoms may include:

Low energy level

Character shifts or mood swings

Hearing Constant Negative Inner voice(s)

Abuse of drugs (including alcohol)

Impulsive and Compulsive behavior

Memory problems

Poor concentration

Sudden onset of anxiety or depression

Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause

New phobias or aversions

New allergies

New food cravings or taste preferences

New attitudes or prejudices

Clearly, the presence of one or more of these symptoms is not in and of itself conclusive evidence of spirit attachment or demonic possession. Low energy level might be due to anemia. Poor concentration, loss of memory, depression, anxiety and physical problems can be caused by malnutrition. Pregnancy or other changes in body chemistry may stimulate new food cravings. The sudden onset of physical problems could be due to an unrecognized exposure to toxic substances. Yet any of these conditions can indicate the presence of unseen - and unwanted! - demonic possession.


PLEASE NOTE that the symptoms of demonic possession CAN BE fundamentally similar to those of Spirit Attachment. Alex will know the difference a demonic entity when there is one.


If you feel you are suffering from demonic influence, book your session as soon as possible.



The Exorcism process will take at least 3 Sessions depending of the stength, severity and length of time.


My fee for your 3 Demonic Entity Removal sessions $850



Credit Card/Debit Card and Paypal Policy

Due to recent hacking into my Paypal and Bank accounts I have decided that from September 1, 2014 I can no longer accept credit card payments, so payment for my services is cash on the day only. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but I do hope you understand.