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Spiritual Healer and Psychic since 1979

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I am now seeing clients again at my Brisbane office.


I can also offer you a Skype healing and/or reading; your Skype sessions are just as Effective as in person appointments.


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I look forward to having contact with you soon.


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Your energy boost is available after we have had a Healing session ->>>


A Regular Energy Boost promotes dramatic improvements when you are in constantly stressed situations, and I offer this to Clients who have already had a Healing with me.


An Energy Boost is recommended when:

you cannot avoid "toxic" people or situations, especially if you're spiritually sensitive and pick up others' energy easily: whether this be at work, home or socially.

you are entering a new home or work environment, or beginning a new project.

you need, but have no time for, more rest and relaxation.

you are constantly tired or stressed.


Regular Energy Boost Healing Sessions:

What: Energy Boost includes a chat and Energy Healing and Balance.

Why: To Eliminate Negative Energies and Boost your Positive Energies.

Effect on You: Relaxed, more focussed, positive, better able to concentrate, happy!

Cost: $150 per session - weekly, fortnightly or montly sessions.


My fee for your Energy Boost session is $150 per session.


Credit Card/Debit Card and Paypal Policy

Due to recent hacking into my Paypal and Bank accounts I have decided that from September 1, 2014 I can no longer accept credit card payments, so payment for my services is cash on the day only. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but I do hope you understand.


Please contact me soon so we may organise a suitable day and time to meet.