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Alex Telman is renowned in the field of Distance Healing with thousands of Clients worldwide.

Alex is a pioneer in the field of Conscious Energy Transference (CET). His Distance Healing clients are in such locations as the United States, France, England, India, Germany, Norway, Singapore, New Zealand, Kenya, Mexico, Indonesia, Switzerland, Bolivia, Ireland and Canada, as well as his home country, Australia.


"Alex brings many years of professional credibility to his work, providing clients with tremendous value! Clients receive more than they expected in the way of depth and content - Every client receives special care and attention." - Int Nat Healers Assoc


Alex Telman (BA, LLB, DipClHyp, GradDipEd, MEd, MBA) is a Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Shaitsu Master who has been practicing Energy and Spiritual Healing for almost 35 years.


Distance Energy and Spiritual Healing

that Really Works

If you are a past client, you already understand the incredible power of a healing journey with me. If this will be your first time, get ready to discover the untapped potential that rests within you.

Save time! Many of my clients are either busy and cannot take time out to come to my office or they live overseas and cannot find a healer near their home, or they cannot find a healer they can trust.

To save time and to get a healing from a healer they can trust, thousands of people over the past 35 years have opted for Distance Healing with me.


Your Distance Energy and Spiritual Healing Sessions will
restore clarity and harmony to your life.


Your Premium Distance Healing Package includes:

1. Pre - Healing Evaluation

2. 6 x 60 Minute Energy / Spiritual Healing Sessions per month

--- 1 session week 1

--- 2 sessions week 2

--- 1 session week 3

--- 2 sessions week 4

BONUS: Excercises and activities to keep your energies high during and after your Distance Healing Sessions


A total of 6 Sessions plus Detailed Instructions plus Bonus = $420 Australian


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the extra complexity, Distance Curse removal and Distance Exorcism... cost = $650 Australian.

Although the success rate is high, Distance Curse removal and Distance Exorcism work best face to face.


Please contact me if you are interested in your Distance Healing sessions on alex@PsychicEnergies.com


After you have booked your Sessions please email me so we can organize days and times for your
Distance Healing Sessions.

After booking your sessions email me with the following details:

1. Your full name and location, and

2. In SUMMARY form, any challenges you experience; where you need help.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the volume of emails I receive I am at times unable to respond immediately. I do however try to respond within 48 hours. PLEASE try to keep your emails short (300 words is good).

I look forward to connecting with you.


Why me?

Interviewer: Why should I come to you for a... Healing rather than someone else?

Alex: I have one grand but striking vision, to make the world a better place for you. I am passionate about making your life better; a more meaningful, intense and passionate place where you can understand and create more. If you are looking for a better future, I believe I can make it real for you.


Why Distance Healing? Distance Energy and Spiritual Healing:
Frees you from limiting thoughts and behaviors.
Assists you in discovering your purpose in life.
Is a catalyst in helping you develop conscious intentional living.
Strengthens your connection to inner/higher guidance.
Opens you to joy and abundance.
Allows you to be at one with your inner knowingness.
Puts you in harmony with those around you.
Ensures that all good things will be attracted to you.


PLEASE NOTE: Through your Distance Healing Sessions your negative energies are cleared, positive energies are infused, and then your energies are balanced.


The goals of your Distance Healing Sessions are to:
1. Release negative emotional energy patterns and negative thought patterns
2. Improve self-image and self-love
3. Find freedom from guilt, anger, anxiety or shame
4. Have total peace of mind


Most clients also:
Let go of pain
Find freedom from the past
Experience greater Hope, Joy, & Purpose
Balance Chakras
Increase levels of Awareness and Consciousness
Increase Intuition and Creativity
Re-discover Joy and Fulfillment in your life
Lose weight effortlessly
Raise your vibrational frequency to a natural state of Peace



You need a Distance Energy and Spiritual Healing Session if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

Low energy level

Character shifts or mood swings

Hearing Constant Negative Inner voice(s)

Abuse of drugs (including alcohol)

Impulsive and Compulsive behavior

Memory problems

Poor concentration

Sudden onset of anxiety or depression

Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause

New phobias or aversions

New allergies

New food cravings or taste preferences

New attitudes or prejudices

DISTANCE HEALING is a unique method for 'unblocking' and releasing repressed pain; negative learned behaviour and self-limiting decisions that started as early as one's childhood.

Each negative life incident continues to gain momentum if it remains unresolved or ignored within us. Unless one deals with it, it will only reappear and manifest itself in new and unloving experiences of one's life. Such unresolved and deep trauma will determine the quality of your life.

Distance Healing as applied by me will help you to initiate a transformation in which you will align your life with more positive and productive thoughts, thus creating a healthier and happier you.






Some Distance Healing Testimonials

I have tried your Distance Healing myself, now I have signed up my elderly parents. Beautiful. -- Sandy, London

I can honestly say your distant healing works. I have tried cheaper healers that didn't work; but you do! -- Karen, Los Angeles

I have tried so many therapies to raise my energies, but your distance healing is the only one that works. I have 1 session a week and my focus and concentration has improved dramatically. Thank you. -- Maries, London

Amazing! Overnight my love for life has returned. Thank you so much... -- Jodie, New York

... worked way above all my expectations. I feel free and alive... -- James, London

I don't know what you did or how you did it, but I feel so much better able to cope. Thank you. -- Sarah, Melbourne

I had doubt, but not now. I have told my friends about you and they will be in contact. Incredible results... -- Reena, Germany

Distance Healing IS AMAZING... it is THE healing tool for the 21st Century... -- Joel, USA

Distance Healing... unbelievable... thank you so much... -- Karen, USA

Every Distance Healing Session helps me to grow in wonderful new ways... I can't thank you enough... -- Pierre, France

My entire outlook on life has changed. Bless you... -- Craig, London

Thank you for the remarkable power of your Healing Sessions... -- Garry, Saudi Arabia

I am sleeping well. I know you are blessed for doing this work... Iria, India

During my Alex Telman distance healing, I came to feel attractive and proud... reborn... -- Brett, LA

Thank you thank you thank you... -- Terry, New Zealand

You are blessed, and now I feel blessed... -- Van, China

There are no words that can best express my gratitude to you... Karen, USA