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I Will Remove The Curse Set Upon You

I will breaks and remove any curse - no matter how evil - leaving you psychically and mentally cleansed and healed, and free to live your life once again.

If your life has been blighted by evil work, you will at last be freed from the terrible darkness that has been eating into your soul for far too long.

With the curse removed, a huge weight have have been lifted from your shoulders and you will feel vibrant and full of life and optimism again. In short, you will once more feel happiness and joy.

I will either cross the evil energy into the light or return it to where and who it came from- the choice will be yours.

Indian / Hindu curses

Christian prayer curses

Muslim curses

Aborigibal curses

Witches curses

Family curses

Karmic individual curses

Karmic family curses

Generational curses


There are many many symptoms of a curse. I have found the most common ones are:

1. Loss of job and income,

2. Just ready to get a job and you miss it,

3. Good things are ready to happen but something bad interferes,

4. Repeated 'bad luck' - accidents, illness, etc.

5. Never seem to be able to hold onto money.

6. Broken relationships with children or spouse.

7. Feeling 'down' or confused.

If you feel you are the victim of a Curse, please contact me immediately and let us begin the removal process.




The Curse removal process will take either a single session in mild curses or 3 Sessions depending of the stength, severity and length of time the Curse has been embedded.


My fee for your Curse Removal session in Brisbane is $300 ($450 for 2 people)

(2 - 3 hours session)

In the more extreme cases - sessions over 2 days (cost $450 - $650 for 2 people) may be required




Credit Card/Debit Card and Paypal Policy

Due to recent hacking into my Paypal and Bank accounts I have decided that from September 1, 2014 I can no longer accept credit card payments, so payment for my services is cash on the day only. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but I do hope you understand.