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This ebook is a practical step-by-step, how-to guide teaching the reader to connect to the Afterlife; to deceased loved ones or a journey experiencing the various areas of life after death.

In this book you will learn in a simple step-by-step format how to connect to spirit- deceased loved ones and others if you so choose.

Connecting to the Afterlife is written by Alex Telman, a spiritual healer with over 35 years experience in this field and thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

Alex has for many years conducted Afterlife workshops. Connecting to the Afterlife is a summary of the work conducted in those workshops.



Connecting to the Afterlife: a how to guide, is a unique and practical guide for therapists, practitioners, counselors and those interested in connecting to spirit.

"In this practical and straight-forward step hy step guide, Alex has carefully and thoughtfully detailed the techniques necessary for a practitioner or the ordinary interested person to connect with the spirit realm in a safe and methodical manner."

In this manual I have detailed and explained the steps necessary to connect to the Afterlife in a clear and logical manner. I addition I desc ribe what the Afterlife looks like and how it 'works'!

After years of personal experience in this field, working with non-human entities, I believe this guide will enrich and deepen your personal spiritual path and physical life.

I truy hope you enjoy my book.