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Here are the latest Videos I offer you:


Alex Telman TV Offers You Teachings and Tools to Support Your Personal Healing Process.

Alex Telman TV is a free video service offered to those clients interested in Spiritual and Energy Healing, Meditations and the Teachings of Alex Telman.

Tune in regularly to discover Alex's latest Tips and Teachings to Support Your Personal Growth.

Videos will include such Topics as:
Simple practices for inner peace
Ways of looking at the world
Improving your everyday life
How to experience personal power
How to create balance in your life... and much more.

Please come back often and enjoy these Videos.


Alex Telman Video
Alex Telman answers the question, "What is the first fundamental principle of life?"

Alex Telman Video
An Ant Can Be Your Teacher.

Alex Telman Video
Introduction to Alex Telman.




Alex Telman Video
Example of a Spirit Release Session.

Alex Telman Video
Psychic Life Readings.

Alex Telman Video
What happens at a 'typical' healing Session.